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A cheat sheet for the current forks of Bitcoin. Click the name for a link to the site.  Last updated 26/12/17

NameTickerBlock sizeParentProof of work algorithmBlock rateFork date (block height)Status
BitcoinBTC Bitcoin Platinum logo1mb (1,7-4mb)N/ASha25610 minutesN/AAlive
Bitcoin 2x (SWx2, NYA)B2X (BTC)2mb (3.4-8mb)BTCSha25610 minutes17/11/17Dead on arrival
Bitcoin GoldBTG 1mb (1.7-4mb)BTCEquihash10 minutes28/10/17Alive
Bitcoin CashBCH (BCC)8mbBTCSha25610 minutes15/11/17Alive
Bitcoin Cash PlusBCP8mb (13.6-32mb)BTCEquihash10 minutes02/01/18TBA
Bitcoin 2MBTX2mb (3.4-8mb)BTCTBA10 minutesTBATBA
Super BitcoinSBTC 8mb (13.6-32mb)BTCTBA10 minutes17/12/17TBA
Bitcoin DiamondBCD BTCD logo8mb (13.6-32mb)BTCOptimized X13 (GPU)
10 minutes25/11/17Scam
Bitcoin PlatinumBTP Bitcoin Platinum logo2mb (3.4-8mb)BTCEquihash2.5 minutes12/12/17Scam
Lightning Bitcoin LBTC Bitcoin lightning logo2mb (3.4-8mb)BTCTBA3 seconds23/12/17TBA
Bitcoin GodBTRBitcoin God logoTBABTCTBATBA25/12/17 (501225)TBA
Bitcoin InterestBCI Bitcoin Interest logoTBABTCTBATBA22/02/18 (505083)TBA
Segwit2xB2X Bitcoin Interest logo4mb (6.8-12mb)BTCX112.5 minutes28/12/2017 (501451)TBA
Bitcoin TopB2X Bitcoin Top logo8mb (13.6-32mb)BTCSHA25610 minutes12/26/2017 ( 501118)TBA

Please be careful folks. There are lots of scams and fake clients out there.

Bitcoin Rhodium was removed as it is a new token and not a fork a of Bitcoin.



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